About Skyogi

Who we are

Skyogi is an award winning web design and development studio based in Los Angeles, California. Originally founded in 2002 as “Hant Web Studio” by designer Vitaly Cheresh, the Latvia-based company focused on flash websites. The studio completed over 1000 projects and their expertise won 20 worldwide awards fora diverse range of companies, including business start-ups nightclubs, real estate, construction, brand companies, government, and more With the decline in popularity of flash websites, the company switched focus and started as Skyogi in 2006 with fresh designs to keep up with the ever-changing web development landscape. Skyogi excels in responsive web design with clean, user-friendly designs that ensure quick loading, beautiful imagery, and optimal viewing on any device. Every website we build features unique content, visual story-telling, SEO optimization and high-ranking performance on all major search engines.

What is Skyogi

Our team passionate about skydiving, yoga, and everything that brings us closer to understanding spiritual, mental, and creative elements of the world. Understanding the value of being here is what moves us and inspires our creative ideas. In other words, Skyogi is a brand, label, and lifestyle which combines the most beautiful life directions such as creative (design), mental and spiritual cognition (yoga), confidence in the world, fearlessness, levitation (skydiving) into one.

What we do

For us, life is creative. We aren’t just about selling just products or services, but can also serve you with provide creative ideas if that’s all you need. Our expertise is in providing effective online and print solutions for small and high businesses such as website designing, web development, creative portfolio development, interactive UI development as well as web templates and Wordpress, Shopify, Magento themes production, graphic designs, including all types of material/collateral needs for your business (business cards, brochures, flyers etc.), video production and editing, and photo editing.

How we do

Vitaly Cheresh: "Based on mine 14 years experience, the way I plan the project always works for 220%. You don’t need to know for 100% what you would like to create and how. We will do that for you. To fully meet your goals, we have to understand what they are, why they're important, to shape how we’re going to get there."






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