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8 tips of basic yoga

Temple of Knowledge - 8 tips of basic yoga


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This video deserves special attention, both for knowledgeable, experienced people, and for amateurs who begin their spiritual journey. Over my 10 years of yoga, these, like simple tips, have had great significance in my understanding of whether I control my body correctly during yoga classes. As it turned out, simple things, but none of my teacher gurus have shared with me over the past 10 years of my practices. This is the way the current training system is structured so that there is no emphasis on simple small things (on the foundation of basic basics). And very in vain. My wife, a lover of the spiritual world, a person with a sincere pure soul, with the character of a child, a believer about world peace, with great enthusiasm, asked me to help shoot a video that will acquaint and lay knowledge in you, the foundation of the basic foundations of knowledge. So that you do not harm your health, during exercises for health.