Temple Of Fasting

Untraditional methods of healing

Temple Of Fasting - untraditional methods of healing


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Temple of Fasting – a place that absorbs people from a crazy world, polluted by an external excess of the pursuit of systemic principles that put the culture of health in the background, unites, cleans, alternative medicine. This place is full of strong energy, the spirit of love, to the neighbor, to your body. This place is open to anyone who still remembers that our body is our temple, we must love and care for it with reasonable methods. By methods that bring your body a positive effect, rather than suppressing desires. On these beautiful days (excuse me, but they are really beautiful) we devote all our free time to cleaning the body, using methods that many have never heard of, to creativity, and the circumstances are such that when we find ourselves on one beautiful day in this temple, at hand there was a camera, we decided to try to capture in one shot the place that unites us and which breathes a bright future.