Olox featuring Samskara at Wisdome LA

NEOshamanism - Olox featuring Samskara at Wisdome.LA


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NEOshamanic duo from Arctic Siberia OLOX and Samskara by Android Jones carry us away on a journey to explore our profound power to heal ourselves through sound and 360 degree immersive art!

We explore the traditional songs of the Shamanic communities, a reindeer breath (arctic throat beat-box), try the sounds of northern birds and animals, move around and let go. This is a unique bridge between traditional knowledge and new technologies. Shamanic throat singing, overtone chanting, rhythms of mind-altering states, and vibrations of mouth harp, are to awake the healing process of the organs and slide deep into the cells. OLOX and Samskara take us all the way back the Big Bang!